Sunday, November 04, 2007

Got Grains?

A great way to improve your health is by adding more grains to your diet: they're nutritious (rich in proteins, vitamins & minerals), very low in fat (good for your heart) and you won't be tempted to eat cookies, sweets or junk foods because grains are filling (unlike most snacks & fast foods out there).

There are many ways to add them to your diet: through cereals of course (there is a vast choice of grains available nowadays and even gluten free ones), by substituting your usual rice or pasta with whole grains, or by baking your own bread, cookies or cakes (whole grain bread or pancake mixes are also available). Most grocery stores are now offering more than just your regular wheat flour, look for the natural/organic aisle.

I personally like the following brands for the quality of their products:

-BOB'S RED MILL (they offer a 5% discount for online orders)



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