Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Causes of Disease

This is taken from "Herbs Partners in Life" by Adele G. Dawson:

"The causes of disease are often multiple, sometimes indirect; they may lurk behind little-noticed dangers of short-sighted or profit-motivated technology. Here is a check-list of some common background causes of poor health:

1/Excessive (constant) use of "junk foods"
a. Foods with artificial coloring and/or artificial flavoring
b. Foods with preservatives (for longer "shelf-life" but probably shorter human life)
c. Package foods that substitute synthetic for natural food

2/Fast foods, eaten in a hurry or in an athmosphere lacking in serenity and visual pleasure

3/Continued tension

4/Over-exposure to artificial light

5/Lack of exposure to natural light, not necessarly sunlight

6/Continued fatigue

7/Excessive exposure (daily) to pollutants:
a. Chemical
b. Mineral
c. Radioactive
d. Noise
e. Air-borne

8/Dissatisfaction with:
a. Job
b. Social life and social situation
c. Family situation

9/Lack of opportunity for:
a. Exercise
b. Continuing education
c. Creative leisure-time interests
d. Service to others (community service, sharing of abilities)

10/Excessive use of:
a. Cigarettes
b. Stimulants and depressants
c. Pills

Scanning this list, you may find an unobtrusive cause of stress in your body which is producing symptoms whose cause you may not have traced. Exposure to virus and bacterial infection is not included in the list because the "healthy and well-balanced person", as Chi Po suggested to the Emperor, is seldom affected by disease."

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