Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tokens from the Spirit World

Everyday is another day. You can wake up with a new idea, change some habits, decide to turn left instead of right, choose a new path...Everyday is a brand new world of possibilities, it's all up to you to make it happen (with a little help from the Universe).

I've made choices that were not easy to make and are/were not understood or acknowledged by those who surround me and I made a few mistakes too along the way (nobody's perfect)...But when you are on the right track, you just know it.

When you are on a spiritual path, things start to unfold and become more obvious. You are also more aware and receptive...especially when it comes to signs. The signs you see are usually only meant to you to see and for you to understand.

To me they are comforting and reassuring. I feel privileged and honored when I get a sign because it means that not only is the Universe aware of what I'm doing but it also means that what I do is appreciated and supported by the Spirit Realms. I usually get these signs when there's a major change going on or when there is a new path/idea that I have to pursue...I got one of these signs no later than last night (with a Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse). These signs can take different shapes depending on the person, to me they usually manifest themselves in little coins with my year of birth on them: 1978. I have found these coins in strange places when I least expected to find them (I've also had more strange/paranormal/unexplicable signs but that's another story)...these little tokens from the Spirit World mean a lot to me.

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motherwintermoon said...

Just found your cyberplace, and I love the creams and teas in your Etsy shop. Enjoying your musings and reflections here too. Tokens from the spirit world...yes they are true treasures and indicators. Best Blessings, MW (=^;^=)



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