Thursday, August 23, 2007

Doing More for Women...

Those who know me also know that I always go further in whatever I invest myself and my time in...That's part of being a perfectionist. I just want to offer the best stuff to people and if I'm not satisfied first, why would anybody else be?

Being a woman, I'm naturally interested in improving the well-being, health and quality of life of other women. That is why I am currently working on more women-oriented products (amongst other projects).

Soon should the following items appear on my shop and in my catalog:
-A WeMoon Herbal Tonic which is an herbal tea blend naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, which can also be used during pregnancy (a time when women need even more nourishment).
-A Wild & Wise Tea which nourishes and balances body & yoni...and should help alleviate PMS.
-A Moon Thyme Incense made with a blend of herbs and meant to be used during women's moon time...A time of introspection which holds great power and wisdom.
-A set of Triple Goddess Creams: 1 for each aspect of womanhood - Maiden, Mother & Crone.
...I might go further in the future and work more on mothers, mothers-to-be and babies. Only time will tell ;)!

I also have 2 interesting creative challenges going on: the first celebrates the arrival of the Fall and the 2nd one as "Oracle" for a theme...I feel very inspired!

Some people have request a Black Chai from Black Chai there shall be...soon!


motherwintermoon said...

Lovely items, imbued with a yummy purpose and energy. For me, the energy and purpose that goes into making a product, matters a great deal. I like that you state yours. Mmmm, Black Chai sounds good!

Alchemille said...

Thank you for your kind words...Thought and Intent matter as much as quality to me.



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