Monday, July 09, 2007

The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding

Like many people, I've tried a few meditation techniques before finding which one worked best for me. Personally, the candle flame thing never worked. I enjoyed using a landscape picture and let my mind wander through the landscape. I became advanced enough to feel the wind, smell the earth and even hear animals. The next step was a more mediumnistic technique involving an imaginary place where I would meet spirits...which led me later to my shamanic path.

The great thing about this book though, it that it uses many different techniques for different purposes. These techniques are drawn from various traditions such as Buddhism, Kabbalah, Wicca and Native American just to name a few. The book starts with an introduction to meditation and how to prepare yourself and your sacred space. Then there is a meditation directory covering the following:
-Calming and centering
-Living mindfully
-Healing body, mind and spirit
-Get moving
-Love and compassion
-Manifesting your dreams
-Connecting to the divine

Meditation doesn't require any special gift and can help you relax & heal physically and mentally during hard times (from my own experience). Here's an example of vocal meditation called "Healing through Toning" which can help you release tension, uplift your spirit and heal the body. It has an energizing effect:
"Find a place where you are alone and out of the earshot of others.

1/Stand with your feet well grounded and your shoulders and arms relaxed. Begin to hum into your centre; it may be your lower abdomen or your heart area. Gradually feel your hum expand throughout your entire body. Hum into your bones, muscles and internal organs.

2/Allow your hum to open gradually into a full-voiced sound or tone, and continue to feel it resonating throughout your whole body.

3/Ask what needs to be healed. Visualize any toxins being expelled through your feet. Continue toning into any area of your body needing release or healing. Make any sounds your want. Let them arise spontaneously. Imagine that your toning is connected with the vibrations of the entire universe.

4/When you feel ready, end your toning meditation. Stand quietly for a moment and affirm that your body is completely healed and rejuvenated."

Who said meditation was boring? ;)

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