Friday, July 20, 2007

Inspiration from a fellow wise woman...

"I am a medicine woman.
I walk softly on the earth. I walk in balance, feet bared to rushing waters, sharp rocks and soft grasses. I embrace the pleasure and the pain. I am the Mother’s Joy, and the Mother is my Joy.

I am a medicine woman.
I am the guardian and the messenger of the sacred earth. I listen to the songs on the wind And sing them alive. The rocks and the trees, they speak to me. I seek the misty inbetweenness. I journey up, down and around the unseen world to bring healing home.

I am a medicine woman.
The plants are my teachers, and my friends. They show me how to heal and how to help those in need. I am an alchemist.

I am a medicine woman.
I create sacred community- bridging between women and men, the plants, the animals, the earth and the sky. Sing songs of remembrance- songs of the ancestors. I live with the old ways and create the new. I am a medicine woman. I have not forgotten."

by Darcey Blue French (visit her blog

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