Friday, May 11, 2007

Portrait of an Artisan: For the Love of Patchouly

Daphne blends perfume oils. She's been perfecting that art for the past 10 years! Daphne also has a passion for the exotic patchouli and shares her passion for this scent through her creations. But not all her perfume oils contain patchouli...As a matter of fact 2 of my favorite blends don't contain any patchouli (don't be mistaken, I do not dislike patchouli).

I was really impressed by the quality of her fragrances, they stay on the skin all day. I really love Amber (probably my all time favorite) so I was naturally drawn to the exotic KUNDALINI: a rich blend of 3 ambers, frankincense, morrocan myrrh and black opium.

My other favorite is OSHUN, though I'm not too much into light floral scent...My husband seems to like it too :). Oshun is the name of an Orishan water-goddess who reigns over love, intimacy, beauty, wealth and diplomacy. It's a feminine & sexy blend of orange blossom, muguet du bois and Moroccan rose floating on a base of white amber and white sandalwood.

Daphne also has many patchouli blends, one of her best sellers being a unisex scent named HIPPIE LOVE which is an earthy blend of Indian patchouli, white musk, ginger and and amber. There is no limit to creativity and I truely recommend trying her natural and affordable perfume oils, you won't be deceived.

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Xiane said...

Oh, her items sound lovely! Thank you for sharing this review; I'm off to order some Hippie Love, I think. :)



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