Thursday, May 10, 2007

Chakra Dance Flow: Movement Meditation (bellydance, freestyle, guided meditation)

Chakra Dance Flow is not a traditional workout, no past pace or sweat building repetitive movements. Chakra Dance flow is a meditative dance workout that combines elements of yoga and bellydance and uses the system of the 7 chakras as guidance in energy work.

It is a relaxing and uplifting journey to reconnect with your inner self, the Universe and the Goddess. It will allow you to be aware, unblock and open each of the 7 chakras (individually or all together) and let energy flow. This guided meditation reconnects the physical with the emotional and the spiritual. It helps reawakening energy centers, releasing tension and anxiety and reclaiming inner balance.

I appreciated the fact that elements of meditation and spiritual work were brought up and integrated in the workout, such as : clearing, energizing, centering and grounding. Also energy being the flowing life force within and around us, it was refreshing to see slow, gracious, flowing moves, the integration of sound, the consciousness of breath and the awareness of the elements.

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