Sunday, October 20, 2013

Zenseer's Products at the Path

Yesterday I brought some of my flower & leaf essences as well as some liquid smudges to my friend's boutique "The Path", here in Redondo Beach. The energy was good and the lingering Full Moon energy as well as some fog made this day very spiritual.
Each flower essence bottle has a little red ribbon rose on it and each liquid smudge has a sari silk ribbon (I try to match color and plant as much as possible). I brought a tester for each liquid smudge, as you can see above. And I added a few (fake, alas) matching red roses to beautify the display (and attract the eyes).
I have another little project in mind that would complement these products, but can't talk about it yet because...the silence is golden ;). But if everything goes well, this last category of products should find its way both to my Etsy shop and my friend's boutique very soon... 

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