Monday, April 22, 2013

My Very Own Flower Essences

Lately I've been diverging from the traditional/academic uses of plants to delve into the energetic/esoteric uses of these (vibrational remedies, alchemy. gemmotherapy...) especially on an emotional and spiritual level. This is a whole new world for me with so many possibilities, and I find all this very exciting.

Along these lines I am starting to make my own flower & leaf essences and I also plan to have a small line of liquid smudges (but that's another story and a future project).

I currently have some Rosemary flower essence listed on my shop (with its uses); Borage should be following shortly...And more to come ;).

My flower and leaf essences are made in small batches, seasonally, with organically homegrown and ethically wildcrafted local herbs and plants, spring water and (grain free) brandy (as a preservative). I only harvest plants during waxing moon (between New Moon and Full Moon) when the energy is at its highest and choose the day depending on which planet rules the plant (Rosemary is ruled by the Sun so I prepared the essence on a Sunday).

I obtain the therapeutic uses directly from the plants' spirits themselves, as shamans have done for thousands of years. All my flower & leaf essences are blessed.

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