Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Textile Life...

There are 2 things I have always loved: books and textiles. They both tickle my senses and my imagination. There are many ways to tell stories that don't just involve the written or spoken word.
My relationship with both books and textiles isn't just about stories, it's more primal than that: it goes down to the elemental fibre, the thread.
I am currently learning to spin and weave (at least get some basics covered so that I can do my own thing after), these are ancient techniques that transcend time. I like the idea that somewhere in the lineage, my ancestors were doing the same thing and that I am repeating the same timeless movements. I like the idea that the ancestors are still active beyond the grave and influencing us, teaching us, whispering (ideas) to us and of course they are involved in our (day)dreams and creative processes.
Anyway textiles, threads, yarns, ribbons are not just for making clothes, accessories and home decoration. They can be put/woven together to tell a story (and if you consider the people who harvested the fibers and made the yarn/fabric, you get stories within stories) or at least something that talks to somebody on an emotional, visual and/or sensory level...
I think paper, ink, thread and wool are just magical (I know I may sound like a little girl in a candy store here but that's what I think). Just put them together with an idea/theme/story in mind and you weave a magical spell that will touch or affect somebody else ;).

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