Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Alchemille's September Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I know it's been a long time since you last received a newsletter from me.
A lot has happened these past few months (including a broken ankle) and I needed time for myself to think & heal ;).

I'm still working on my book of tales and I have decided to write a bilingual book (french-english). I also would like to add some illustrations to complement my writings...I think it's gonna take a few more months to finish but I hope to be done by December.

*Now regarding Alchemille's Garden, I have updated my shop with my autumnal selection of teas, you'll find such blends as:
The d'Automne, Journey to Middle-Earth and Amber Spice Tea just to name a few.
*My Luna/Moon teas are also there by cycle (new moon, full moon, first quarter, last quarter) and as a lunar month pack (Moon Goddess Lunar Pampering Pack).
*You'll also find more healing/medicinal/spiritual tea blends like the WeMoon Herbal Tonic (a personal favorite and deeply nourishing blend) or Good Vibrations (great for healing work).
*For the Tea Afficionado, I offer my "ONE SEASON OF TEA - FALL TEA SUBSCRIPTION" which allows you to enjoy each month a different tea, a different taste and a different experience.(These tea subscriptions also make a nice gift.)
I will mail 1 jar each month, according to the following selection (see listing for details):
>October “Thé du Matin”/ Morning tea (green tea, rosemary, orange peel, rosehips, cinnamon and cloves)
>November L'Orangerie (black tea, rooibos, orange peel, cacao nibs and cinnamon)
>December "Thé à l'églantine" / Rosehip tea (black tea, rosehips, rose petals and cloves)
Please note that I never add any aromas, natural flavors, extracts nor essential oils to my teas.

*Always in the spirit of seasonality, I have reintroduced my Fairy Facial Elixirs (for the Fall: Woodland Fairy and Autumn Fairy) which come in a 1/2 oz dropper bottle as well as my Four Season Skin Elixir which can be used both on face and body and comes in a 2oz dropper bottle.
*I'm also adding new rope incenses...I know these are not the traditional incenses people are used to but they are worth giving a try. For these I use the same quality ingredients as I use for my teas. And as far as I know, I'm the only one making these. The scent comes only from herbs, spices and resins...Nothing else is added: no artificial fragrances, scents nor essential oils.
I create my rope incenses by braiding organic cotton twine (the braiding process induces a somewhat meditational state). The ropes are then soaked for a few weeks in homemade scented tinctures (using herbs, spices and/or resin) and left to dry. My scented tinctures may take at least 1 month to prepare and sometimes require multiple infusions. This type of incense is slow burning, allowing you to control how long and how much incense you wish to burn. You can also choose to cut the rope into pieces. You can use rope incense for meditation, rituals, personal enjoyment or for cleansing/purifying the air or a heavy atmosphere.
I'm currently working on an autumnal incense blend (something woodsy and spicy) that would complement my teas & fairy elixirs nicely ;).
*I still have a few Spice Road EcoBeads (handmade botanical beads with herbs, spices and resins), they smell divine!
*Looking for a gift for someone special? Check my Gift Certificates! He/she will be able to pick the perfect gift for him/herself!
~Be Well~


comfrey cottages said...

hope you continue to strengthen the ankle. so excited for you and your book xx

Anonymous said...

Hi saw your comment on Elana when looking at the mercona mayo. Your comment about Itlania almonds , wanted to know how you got them.
So clicked on you link next to name and found you website and saw knitting and other neat stuff (am doing socks now)
Lynn D

Alchemille said...

There are a few online shops that sell truly raw (Italian) almonds. But you have to look for 'raw foods' shops as raw foodies only use unpasteurized/organic foods (since they soak & sprout a lot).

Hope this helps ;).



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