Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Handmade Life...

Lately my artistic self (which I have neglected for a few years now) has been wanting to express itself. I've always been the artist of the family: painting, drawing, writing poetry and novels, sewing, knitting...
It was a time when herbalism, health & cooking (which I also love) were secondary. Over the years, they've taken the first place and I had to put my needles & paintbrushes aside.
But I've had enough! I feel like my imagination (and my inner world) has been taken over by everyday life & chores. And I want it back!
I have tons of fabrics and yarns waiting to be used...And I just ordered a couple Japanese sewing books (with very cute clothing patterns) so that I can redo my wardrobe using my stock of fabrics (and who knows, if I make something nice enough for me maybe I can offer to make it for somebody else?) ;).
I also started to knit a short sleeve sweater using a couple knitting looms and some old acrylic yarns with a mohair feel (I'm not a big fan of acrylic but these were nice looking yarns and I've had them for several years now without knowing what to do with them). I wasn't sure I'd have enough yarn for a long sleeve sweater and I'm also new at loom knitting...But so far, my little project is looking good ;).
I haven't forgotten about my book project but the original idea is evolving. I want it to be truly me and something I can be proud of. So if it means taking more time that I originally thought I needed, so be it...

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