Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year's Resolutions for 2010

A few dreams to realize and a few things to improve:
  1. Write and self-publish my book (which includes translations, illustrations and more), hopefully within the year
  2. Start exercising more regularly (may need to find a suitable routine)
  3. Continue to cook nourishing foods & make herbal medicine (while spending a little less time in the kitchen)
  4. Continue to explore the wonderful world of fermented foods & beverages
  5. Start meditating again to find balance, soothe my nerves & be less grouchy
  6. Use my time more wisely
  7. Be more organized
  8. Be more positive & joyful
  9. Let my inner child out & be true to myself
  10. Be more creative
  11. Learn more about the energetics of foods & herbs
  12. Watch less TV and start reading my 500+ books
  13. Stop buying books (unless absolutely necessary)
  14. Start sewing & knitting more
  15. Start painting & drawing again
  16. Make more time to take care of myself...Naturally!
  17. Make my little kitchen garden thrive
  18. Be a little bit less introspective
  19. Be more loving
  20. Find my dream home with a garden and/or woods nearby
  21. Work more deeply with Nature & the Spirit Worlds
  22. Indulge very reasonably (not everyday) with homemade, natural & sugar free sweets (using very low amounts of dried fruits, honey, dark maple syrup, date molasses, coconut sugar/syrup or boiled cider)
  23. Continue to make homemade chocolates ;)
  24. Continue living simply, honestly, naturally and a bit more thrifty & frugally
  25. Simply live & be!...


Piper said...

Happy New Year Alchemille! Many of your resolutions are quite similar to my own. Here's to our accomplishing some (if not all) of them :)

Alchemille said...

Happy New Year Piper!
Thank you for stopping by ;).

I have a feeling that 2010 will be a good year (especially if we stick to our resolutions)...



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