Tuesday, October 06, 2009

More Recommended Cookbooks

A few weeks I posted a long list of recommended cookbooks for special diets (gluten free, SCD, paleo...etc). I'd like to add a few more books to this list ;).

  • "Gluten Free Mediterranean" by Sanaa
  • "Gluten-Free Italian ~ Over 150 Irresistible Recipes without Wheat - from Crostini to Tiramisu" by Jacqueline Mallorca
  • "Specific Carbohydrate Diet ~ Southern Style" by Jan Locker (with almond flour)
  • "Cooking to Heal ~ Nutrition & Cooking Class" (DVD + Booklet) by Julie Matthews
  • "A Primitive Diet" by Beverley Southam
  • "Totally Flour-Free Baking" by Dinah Alison (with almond flour)
  • "The Allergy-Free Cookbook ~ How to avoid the 8 major food allergens and eat happily ever after" by Eileen Rhude Yoder
  • "The Allergy Exclusion Diet ~ The 28-day plan to solve your food intolerances" by Jill Carter & Alison Edwards
  • "Recipes for IBS ~ Great tasting recipes and tips customized for your symptoms" by Ashley Koff
  • "Food Energetics ~ The Spiritual, Emotional, and Nutritional Power of What We Eat" by Steve Gagné


Piper said...

Thanks for sharing. There are 2 on this list I'd really like to check out. Btw, I have new link now if you want to update your sidebar.

Herbal Blessings,

mamazee said...

Thanks, Alchemille!
I will see if i can get some of these through inter library loan in town...
I need ideas!

your pudding ideas look delicious, too - dh loves pudding and it would make a nice break from meat/veg :)...

Alchemille said...

Glad to help Mamazee ;).

Puddings and custards are a bit challenging to me since my body doesn't agree with eggs so much anymore.

Paleo/SCD cooking requires quite a bit of eggs, esp. if you use coconut flour. I learned a few egg replacement tips that will do the trick though...

Chestnut flour is more starch than protein but it's very nutritious and filling. There are days when I don't eat well enough in terms of quantity and/or quality and a chestnut pudding will fill my belly + keep me going. Not to mention that it's naturally sweet (I usually don't need to add anything) and I think it's a little chocolaty in terms of flavor ;).

Note that I'm not a big meat eater. My body seems to agree with "primal body, primal mind" in the sense that I usually don't need more than 2-3oz of protein per meal (I'm also not a hardcore exerciser, far from that) but I do lots of veggies & leafy greens, some fruits & berries and a healthy dose of fats/nuts. I've also been craving more fish lately. Sometimes you just have to follow your cravings, since that's usually what the body needs...



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