Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu Prevention the Natural Way

I know we're all a little worried right now but there's no reason to panic!

Here are a few things you can do:
  • Strengthen your immune system with herbs (elder blossoms and berries, lemon balm...etc), vitamin C (from natural source: berries, citrus fruits, hibiscus tea, rosehips, kiwi, mango...etc), coconut oil, bee products (I have experienced the healing properties of propolis), probiotics and fermented foods (yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut...etc)
  • Eat wholesome and nourishing foods
  • Don't stress: stress weakens the immune system
  • Get proper sleep
  • Stay hydrated with water, homemade lemonade (rich in vitamin C as well), apple cider vinegar drink (1 tsp apple cider vinegar (herbally infused even better) + 1 tsp honey + hot water - my personal preference - but cold water works too), herbal teas (hot or cold), nourishing herbal infusions, homemade fruit/veggie juices and smoothies (avoid commercial juice which often have added flavorings and are overly sweet)...
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Alette Siri Ane said...

My daughter of 21 is in Mexico Acapulco having a wonderfull time.It also has to do with the way you take things.She will be ok .On the other hand I have sent all thoughts of protection her way!
Lol thankyou for posting info.

deadmousegirl said...

Here's also another great article about natural prevention and treatment of swine flu:



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