Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blog Party: Staying Cool in the Summer

I am hosting this month's Blog Party but...my contribution will be delayed (I know, shame on me!).

Nonetheless, feel free to read, enjoy & use the tips provided by my fellow Wise Women ;):
-Sarah tells us everything about her wonderful Elder Blossom concoctions (Elder is a long time herbal ally of mine)
-Darcey shares her Summer Survival Tips with us
-Michelle mentions her cooling & zen Oatstraw Infusion
-Kiva is savoring the Summer in the Mountains of NM...We could all use a River in a Bottle ;)
-Tammy tells us about her fragrant & refreshing Rose Spritzer
-Ananda enchantes us with the Magic of Mint

Thank you Ladies ;).


Hedgewitch said...

wonderful collection of herb posts.. I really enjoyed reading through them all.. many thanks for putting this together :-)

Anonymous said...

Hooray for blog parties! I am happy to discover your blog because of them. Happy Solstice from the Smokey Sierras... (: Sasha

Alchemille said...

Greetings Sasha...Happy Solstice to you too! Hope to see participate to the next blog parties ;).



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