Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I've recently been visited by a Spirit who wanted to be noticed. It moved things around and even hummed a child-like song with a voice similar to mine (according to my husband who witnessed it).

I had to find out who that Spirit was but I knew from its behavior that it was a Nature Spirit or a Fae. So I grabbed my Fairy Oracle deck and one card popped out of it: the Green Woman. I was really delighted ;).

She is the wild woman, the caretaker of the Earth and the Natural Realm. She is the inner child who wants to play, she is all about creativity and spontaneity...and she doesn't care what people think about her! She does what she wants. I thought of her popping into my life as a blessing because I can relay to that playful wilderness ;).

So I decided to create a Green Woman Body Scrub in honor of my new friend, with fine sea salt and herbally infused oil...I think she appreciates.


Anonymous said...

It's Bella from LPR - I made a post for Alchemille's Garden on the Bath & Body Blog. Here's the direct link:

Bella ;)

Alchemille said...

Thanks Bella, I appreciate ;).

Sia said...

I love that Froud image.

Lovely scrub. Thank you.




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