Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Teas for Women...

...But a little bit of Nourishment wouldn't hurt Men either ;).

My tea blends are based on and inspired by Folk Medicine and a branch of herbalism called the Wise Woman Tradition which focuses on Nourishment and Prevention to remain healthy and to heal thyself. Interconnectedness with Nature and the Spiritual Realms is also very important. This branch of herbalism has its roots in the knowledge and wisdom of our Foremothers and Ancestors as well as being in harmony with Nature and its Seasons (changes don't only occur in the Wild, but in our bodies as well).

- WEMOON HERBAL TONIC is a nutritious herbal tea blend naturally loaded with vitamins & minerals. Forget about the synthetic vitamin tablets that your body can't assimilate...It's time to start drinking nourishing teas along with a healthy balance diet. Your body will thank you ;).

-WISE WOMAN POWER TEA is a gentle blend that aims at strenghtening your body and balancing your cycle naturally.

Both these teas have been tasted, tested and approved by me...They taste great and make me feel good (healthy & energized) ;).

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