Saturday, June 16, 2012

What I like to do...

...When my husband is busy working on weekends: I SEW!
I've been having a lot of fun with Japanese sewing patterns but what I like the most is to transform something old into something else. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a ribbon here, a few buttons there, an embroidery...Whatever I have handy.
I'm currently making some kind of country dress (also inspired by one of my Japanese craft books) with an old sailor style sweater (a cotton knit w/ navy and light beige stripes) + the double layered skirt part of a dress and and old crochet collar my mom gave me. I don't think the dress would find its way to the cover of a magazine but I'm having fun and it's another addition to my wardrobe ;).
I also made a hair piece out of some recycled off white & black lace (very nice stuff I scavenged from a dress): I roughly cut a ribbon from the lace, gave it the shape of a rose and then sewn on a piece of black felt + a hair clip glued on the other side.
I recently discovered the art of knotting: it's nice but not easy (especially for an illogical mind like mine). I managed to make a trinity knot that I painted and turned to a fun hair piece (I know: another one but I always have some accessories in my hair). This is a technique I'd like to learn and perfect for a new project that hopefully will find its way to my Etsy shop.
And in case you're wondering about my old book project, well I'm almost done writing the book. I'm currently working on my last story. Then I have to organize everything and do some kind of artwork for the cover. We're getting close...
I'll try to post some pictures of my creations soon.
Meanwhile, be well...

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