Tuesday, December 08, 2009

New Book Project

I've been wanting to write a book since my teenage years.
As I got older the project evolved and so did my inspirations for this hypothetical book.
I had completely forgotten about it until a couple days ago, after talking to a friend of mine.
The Muse has returned!

I can't say too much about my book project besides that it will be a children's book and most likely bilingual french-english. I will illustrate it myself (something I'm looking forward to) and I plan on publishing the book myself too.

I'm fully aware that such a project will require time and patience. That there will be days when I'll be inspired and others that I won't. That there will times of frustration too. But overall I think it'll be fun and rewarding!

Wish me luck ;)!

1 comment:

comfrey cottages said...

sounds wonderful:) good luck to you~



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