Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Place To Go...

Yesterday I've discovered a fairly new knitting shop which is like no other: TWIST - Yarns of Intrigue.
It doesn't look like much from the outside, but once you steep inside, you get a warm and homey feeling. Cathy Karen -the owner of this beautiful shop- is friendly, genuine, knowledgeable and very helpful ;).
There are all sorts of little gems in this shop including natural fibers (silk, sea silk...etc), social/community conscious yarns (supporting co-ops of women), hand painted yarns, original/creative fibers from Japan (I found a very interesting yarn made of Silk and Stainless Steel, once knit you can give it the shape that you want and it will keep it) and...Cathy's own hand dyed and hand made yarns.
The prices are affordable and even a bargain for some of these yarns.
I let myself be tempted by 2 variegated Loro Barranquero yarns, in Fall colors. These are made of kettle dyed pure merino wool and come from a co-op in Uruguay named Malabrigo. I plan on using them for a nice crochet-like sweater.
I also found some very interesting buttons made out of recycled glass, I'd like to make some jewelry with them (a pair of earrings and a ring).
One thing is for sure...I'll be back ;).

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