Friday, August 04, 2006

Things to do at the Full Moon

Moon gazing is a nice thing to do during the full moon. Ideally from moonrise to moonset...but it depends on how much time you can spend. I particularly enjoy moonsets because of the color changes which vary from a golden honey color to rusty orange and even pinkish red when really low on the horizon. Try to pick a place like the top of a roof, a sandy beach...A place where you won't be bothered either by too much artificial lights or too many people.

If you wish to benefit from lunar energy, wait for the moon to rise just above the horizon. Then stand up and stretch your arms above your head, the palms of the hands facing the moon. Inhale deeply and let the moon fill your body, from head to toe, with lunar energy. Once connected with Dame Lune, feel free to whisper a wish or a prayer for she has a kind, loving nature and is a good listener. She'll shine upon you and your wishes with her blessings.

Don't forget to thank her, then leave a wine glass full of water (you can add a crystal) all night long in her honor. She'll bless it with moonlight on her path. You can drink your moon water the following morning (you can share it with your beloved as well) or pour it into an opaque glass bottle to sip at your own leisure. Your plants may benefit from this moon water too, don't hesitate to splash the roots, stems and flowers of your favorite trees, totem plants and herbal allies.

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